We are the Foolish Ones.
The round pegs in
the square holes.

We are crazy enough to think we can make a change.


The mission answers the question why! Why are we doing this?

We believe in experience sharing as the core element that allows everyone to further advance in any area.

We developed a model where this is cherished and further developed. Our goal is to find an inspiring surrounding with peers alike where together with mentors, we can all learn something new about ourselves and how things work.


Our goal is to form an international community that will be able to reach out to one another no matter where they are in the world.

We wish to provide each participant a unique experience in an inspirational surrounding that can push us all to strive for more. But above all, our goal is to share our knowledge and experience and become the foolish ones of our society.

Meet the people behind the project

Tom Kozacinski

Product designer & Stand up Comedian

Founder, speaker and mentor

Tom started his first company in his early twenties, about the same time he started his stand up career. As a freelancer and a strong advocate for remote working, and being a part of Toptal, he had an opportunity to work with clients from all over the world which gave him unique insights in his user centred approach to customer experience.

Over the last five years, pairing his UX skills with his twelve years of stand up comedy, Tom gave numerous talks and workshops on topics ranging from User Experience to public speaking.

Since moving to London Tom is freelancing as a Product designer working with startups on challenging problems. He's a mentor in Techstars and is sharing stories from freelance life on his Freelance Talks blog and Meetup. It's all about sharing experience and making products come to life for him.

Creativity is a skill not a feeling. It needs to be honed and exercised daily.

Diana Mudrinic

Business strategy consultant

Co-founder and trainer

From her student days, Diana worked in various fields in Croatia, The Netherlands and Belgium. In Croatian Telecom and T-Mobile Nederland she spent 5 years, covering sales, project management and corporate strategy.

She also worked on the Peoples International Court for Crimes against humanity in Indonesia in 1965, she worked at the European Parliament in the office of a Croatian MEP.

During her stay in Belgium she cofounded an NGO Uphold Europe that is focused on the migrant crisis. Upon coming back to Croatia she started focusing more on SMEs and startups and started working in HUB385 organising and implementing the HUB385 Academy and managing the EU funding and other investments. Recently she has founded her own company with a goal to help smaller companies reach relevant funding opportunities and fine-tune their strategies.

"Always do your homework."