Mentors are at the
heart of what we do.

They help you and your business grow.

The true inspiration, motivation and a force for the better.

Luka Sucic

VC Manager

Programs & bizdev at æternity ventures

Marija Butkovic

Founder, Entrepreneur

CEO of Women of Wearables, Co-founder of Kisha

Michael Anderson

Leadership Speaker

Author & Pioneer of Soul-Centered Leadership

Karla Andric

Communication Strategist

Vice president of HDNP

Luka Kladaric

Chaos Manager

CEO of Sekura Collective

Debbie Levitt

UX Specialst

CEO of PtypeUX

Marko Srsan

Program Director @Techstars

Founder, Business developer

Nikola Stolnik

Marketng Expert

Ex Google, Founder of Good Game

Ana Brajkovic

Business trainer

Davor Tomic

Principal UX designer

Nick Lockington

Product Designer

Gasper Sopi

Creative Director

Emanuel Blagonic

Designer & Founder

Goran Vugrinec


Kristijan Janusic

Creative Director

Lucijan Blagonic

UX Designer

Sandi Fatic

Software Engineer

Tomislav Capan

Software Architect

What does "being a Foolish Ones mentor" mean?

Mentoring the Foolish Ones is so much more than just “giving back to community”, it’s a unique opportunity to embed your own knowledge and experience into others and see it grow as a part of their journey.

Joining our community, working with other inspiring people and sharing your lessons helps you further develop your own leadership as well as personal skills and be the change you wish to see.

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