Vacation and Growth
retreat for professionals

Entrepreneurs, freelancers, digital nomads and creatives that drive change

Vacation and Growth
retreat for professionals

Entrepreneurs, freelancers, digital nomads and creatives that drive change



We believe in experience sharing as the core element that allows everyone to further advance in any area.

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You will spend time learning new skills and sharing experiences to set yourselves up for success.

What to expect?

Every event is unique and different depending on the location, partners and mentors.
But there are some things that are always the same:

International Mentors

The mentors are hand selected based on their qualities and the expectations of our attendees. Our goal is for you to have tailor-made retreats where you can benefit in multiple aspects.

People like you

During our time together you will be a part of a shared adventure and motivating environment, with peers from various backgrounds with common goal of growing together.

High End Locations

Every trip takes place at an attractive location, whether is a weekend trip or a week long retreat, you can expect maximum comfort, top amenities and we'll always aim for a place with a pool!

Premium Catering and Fine Dining

During your stay you will have daily premium catering service that includes local specialities, as well as trips to amazing restaurants. All food preferences are cover 100%.

Modern Working Space

When you need to get to some work done you will have everything you need from desk space to high speed internet and fresh cup of coffee at your disposal.

Plus a Perk Bag of Awesome!

When was the last time you were actually excited about a goodie bag?!

Thanks to our partners and sponsors every time you join us for a trip you get awesome free stuff ranging from coolest tech gadgets, software licences, access codes for various online services, to delicious foods. Don't worry, there will be an unavoidable pen and a notebook in there as well! :)





We stay in touch daily via Slack.

We take our relationship beyond
the time we spend together,
we are not just building a network,
we are building friendships.

Growing list of international mentors

Michael Anderson

Leadership expert

Marija Butkovic

Founder, Entrepreneur

Nikola Stolnik

Marketing Expert

Luka Sucic

VC Manager

Debbie Levitt

UX Specialist, CEO

Luka Kladaric

Chaos Manager


Growing list of international mentors

  • Luka kladaric

  • Luka Sucic

  • Michael Anderson

  • Debbie Levitt

  • Nikola Stolnik

  • Karla Andric

  • Marija Butkovic

Our friends, partners and sponsors